FAQs- General

If you’ve never spoken to a therapist before, or even if you have, you will have some questions about what is involved. We have tried to answer some of these.

If your question isn’t answered here you can always call us and ask directly. We welcome your call.

Who is eligible for your service?

For us to be able to accept you as a client you need to be

  • Aged of 18 or over. (If you are 16 or 17 we can accept you if you are no longer in education)
  • Registered with a GP who is part of the Richmond CCG

Can you tell me me about how your sessions are run?

Certainly! Follow this link to see our FAQs about what happens in our courses and seminars.

Can you visit me in my home?

No. Unless there is a medical or severe anxiety related reason which makes it impossible for you to leave your home we ask that you come and see us at least once.

If it is for Low Intensity Therapy the rest of your sessions will be over the telephone.

What about confidentiality?

The confidentiality policy we use is the same as it is with your GP. Unless we are concerned that you or someone else is at risk of harm, what you discuss with us will just be kept between you and your therapist. Usually we keep your GP informed to ensure those who provide your care are working together.

Will my work find out?

No. We do not contact anyone apart from you and your GP about your care.

I'm an asylum seeker, can you help me?

Yes. So long  as you have a Richmond GP we can see you for therapy.

What if I don't speak English?

We have a number of therapists who speak languages other than English who we can sometimes match you with. We also have materials in a number of different languages. If we cannot match you with a therapist who speaks your preferred language we can use an interpreter.

Are there lots of forms to fill in?

No. At the beginning of each session there is a short questionnaire to fill out. This covers a range of topics which might be affecting how you are feeling. These help us to keep track of how you are feeling and mean that our therapy sessions can be more focused on what you bring to the session. If you find filling in forms difficult you can either have a copy of the questionnaire to fill in during your own time or your therapist can help you on the day.

What if something comes up and I can’t make the appointment?

We ask that where possible you contact us 24 hours before your appointment if you think you will not be able to attend.

A new appointment can then be made for you and your old appointment can be used for someone else.

How will you contact me?

We can use phone, text, email and letter to contact you and will ask you which your preferred methods are when we first speak with you.

We will also make a note on the system if we are allowed to leave messages for you on your phone. This is to ensure confidentiality.

I work 9-5, how do I get help?

We are a flexible service and are able to offer appointments on some evenings through the week. You can discuss this with your therapist when you speak with them.

I’m a relative, what can I do?

We cannot take referrals from relatives due to confidentiality. We also find therapy works best if the individual feels ready to seek help themselves. We suggest you direct your relative to this website so they can see what is available.


Some comments from our course attenders......

It was very well presented and both _____ and _____ were calm and helpful. It was particularly good that they went at a slow pace and did not rush.

Presenter was excellent in going through content in clear and effective manner.

Calm,welcoming and encouraging course leader. Made to feel welcome

The instructor (____) was great. Knowledgeable and very approachable.

It was not patronising . There was no pressure on individuals to contribute.

Presenter was very clear and easy to understand. Right amount of info for intro session.

Made me feel like there is hope.

Good to see number of people, helps reinforce you are not alone. Very knowledgeable presenter,good style.

It was very clear and very well delivered.

Very informative in all areas,looking forward to the six week sessions.

Facilitator was very patient and explained things very well.Analogies were amusing & helpful

Not having to talk ,just listening,small class, therapist was very calming and non threatening.

I thought it was well presented and the notes were good. It was suitable as an introductory session for those who have never done any psychological work before.

Very quick but clear and easy to understand.

___ is very confident & comfortable with his subject matter.

Informal and relaxed.

The fact that I knew I had a structural schedule for reflection once a week was very helpful. Each class helped to temper my worry a bit.

Lots of good techniques and things to think about. Nice dynamic of the group. Really nice facilitators.

Knowing that others are in a similar situation.

Loved that we could input as much or as little as we wanted which lifted a lot of pressure. Loved the amount of different techniques we were taught, they do help but take time to apply.Having discreet chats about how the week has been with ____ was very helpful and comforting.

All of it - homework, coping mechanisms,understanding worry,group was lovely

The techniques made sense although sometimes difficult to follow at the time (in such a short space of time) . Liked the recap at the beginning of each session . Setting homework is a good way to engage with the techniques.

The course was really informative and I have found it very useful. I have found it hard to find time to act on everything so far but will do. The course leaders were very well informed and very helpful.

Everything covered was very helpful & relevant, and there is a good atmosphere within the group - it's welcoming and non- pressured. It's been very helpful for me, and I'm so grateful that opportunities like this exist.

I liked the size of the group, it wasn't too big making it feel less intimidating. I liked the delivery of the course and information. The staff are kind and approachable.

______ are really lovely. I found that I could relate to most of the models, especially the negative thinking behaviours. The idea of having to do homework each week was very helpful and made me really reflect on what I had learnt and how I behaved.

It helps me to understand that it is not a quick fix and it takes time to get better. Would like to thank my two helpers very much, they have help me understand so much about my depression.

Good strategies to help redirect ones thoughts and energies. Ideas broken down into smaller chunks so that it’s not too overwhelming.

Good tone and genuine concern and care. Everyone on the course seemed to be on similar level.

Low key and peaceful delivery meant that I could reflect on it during the class. Also open door policy was reassuring. Low pressure is good. Written materials are well laid out and structured. Excellent and amazing that there is no charge.

The facilitators were excellent and very knowledgeable. Good resources and many great practical ideas and useful tips.

Sharing of experience and tips to help manage the side effects of worry. Reassurance that there are others who feel the same and that there are techniques that will help