Cookie policy


What are Cookies?


Although as yet cookies cannot transmit viruses they can be used for tracking purposes and have the ability to store usernames and passwords.

Your privacy and confidence in us is of utmost importance. That is why we are completely transparent in terms of our “Cookie Policy” which is to let you know: If this site uses cookies at all, if so why and what is collected from your computer or device.

To address these questions please read the following:

1. Does this site use cookies?


2. Why?

The only reason why we are using cookies is to enhance your experience by making it easier for you to increase and reduce text sizes using these icons. A tiny small amount of data is stored on your device to remember the choice you have made while browsing.

3. What is collected from my computer or devices?

We do not collect any personal data from your devices. However like the majority of service providers, we want to know which areas of our website is most visited, at what periods of the day and which sections could do with more attention.

The only way for us to do this is to analyse the requests made to browse our site and along with that request, made by you, we can learn what type of browser you are using, the operation system of your device and their versions. It does not contain personal information about you or your family, friends or mobile contacts.